Does keeping our surroundings clean suffice the purpose? Well, the answer’s no. Self-cleanliness is as essential as that of our surroundings.

It is not only healthy to keep clean but an ultra-attractive quality that a person should possess. Stay hygienic, look neat, smell nice!

Grooming is not limited only to our physical self. We ought to extend it further and keep our minds dirt free. Meditation, laughter, satisfaction, and overall happiness is the key here.

What completes the concept of cleanliness is the purity of our soul. Wipe out the negativity inside you and it will reflect in your surroundings. Your inner purity has the power to change the world. Acceptance, empathy, and humility must be our priority to restore our evaporating spirituality.

Charity begins at home – calling it a cliché will not make it any less true. Start cleaning your core and make the world a better place!