“When there is inner and outer cleanliness, it approaches to Godliness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Outer Cleanliness

It is time to reflect India’s purity on its streets; for cleanliness is not a task, but a lifestyle. By staying organized and hygienic as a nation, we show the world our attitude towards the environment and empower ourselves to advocate in its favour.

To manage waste, we must rely upon recycling and upcycling most of it. After all, nobody minds treasure scraped out of trash!

SVC invites you to a 3-day cleanliness drive happening from 19th to 21st September.

19 September: The Social Vidyarthi community is going on an invasion to abduct all paper trash!

20 September: Then we further penetrate into the Trash Territory and attack e-waste.

21 September: For the final victory and complete annihilation, we shall beat all plastic waste out of existence!

Then and only then will India become truly incredible.