You may not realize it now but student life is the best part of life. You must to be thinking how! Ask those who are already graduated and are into job. However, it is also true that student life has its own challenges. The big one is finance!

You may not have enough pennies in your pocket, but the expenses are always high. Buying books and stationeries, cds, making projects, hostel expense and more are some of the top things that drain your budget as a student. All these make it tough for students! But you can still enjoy being a student if you spend money wisely. Spending money smartly is the key to maintain your finances. If you are wondering how then follow the tips given below:

Look for second hand books: Instead of buying new books, try to buy or rent used books. They are cheap and serve the purpose.

Look for second hand books for student

Sell it off: Sell the last semester books if they are not needed.

Look for second hand books

Walk extra miles: Avoid using cab or car, in place use public transport, ride a bike or walk to college.

Walk extra miles

Planning makes things better: Plan making your meals at home with friends and split the bill of the groceries.

Share and care: Share room with friends so that you can split rent and utilities.

Keep a track: Track your finance to avoid overspending.

Keep a track

Coupon it up: Use student coupons wherever applicable like in public transports, hospitals, restaurants and retail shopping.

Coupon it up

Earn and learn: Take an on-campus job in free time to earn some extra money.

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