Everyone goes to college to get a degree! The smart ones come out with a lot more! Ironically, it’s the ‘lot more’ that is going to take you places. In today’s fast evolving economic needs, its important to stay one step ahead. This means exploring your area of interest and finding the things you both enjoy and are good at. At the same, working on basic skills and acquiring the tools you need to get ahead. A great way to do this is working and interacting with the world of your interest. Gig Float is the just the place to start! And a great time to start is during college!

Here are some essentials that should accompany your degree:

Good Communication Skill: A must have, regardless of chosen stream! Further for India you need to be fluent and confident in 2 or more languages! Use your time to read, talk, watch and live a language to hone this skill.

Good Communication Skill

Analytical and problem solving skills: These are developed by participating in activities and jobs that challenge you to organize, integrate and execute.

Analytical and problem solving skills

Computer skills: In today’s digital age knowing the basics are vital! MS Office, Adobe Suite, internet research tools are some things to must be at least familiar with!

Computer skills

Teamwork: Think We! No man is an island and every success story has a team behind it!


Leadership skill: Take initiative! It pays!

Leadership skill

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